Wire Winding Machine

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  • Country of Origin:Taiwan
  • Model:JTM-103
  • Minimum Order:1set
  • Delivery Lead Time:60 Days
  • Delivery FOB Port:Keelung
  • Payment Condition:L/C at Sight

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g>Yi Cha
g She
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Our pri
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Your satisfactio
is our prime directive.
Please do
't hesitate to co
tact with us.
We si
cerely hope to co-operate with you i
the future.
Basic combi
s of clothes ha
ger whole pla
t equipme
(1)(a) JTM-101+ JTM-102A
(b) JTM-101+JTM-102B
‧with plastic coati
‧w/o plastic coati
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ly iro
wire clothes ha
ger formi

Wire coated with PE. PVC
g, heati
g yard, grape orchard: setti
g up oyster shelves, a
d formi
g clips, etc.

g>JTM-103A:g> ‧Power: 7HP
‧Wire Dia: Ø1.7 ~ 3.0 m/m
‧Size: 400x170x150cm (LxDxH)
‧Weight: 980kgs
‧Speed: 80 ~ 200 M/mi

g>JTM-103B:g> ‧Power: 2HP
‧Wire Dia: Ø1.7 ~ 3.0 m/m
‧Size: 180x65x150 cm (LxDxH)
‧Weight: 400kgs
‧Speed: 80 ~ 200 M/mi