Yi Chang Sheng Machinery Co., Ltd.--Automatic clothes hanger forming & making machine, plastic coating machine, wire cutting machine

Yi Chang Sheng Machinery Co., Ltd., established in 1982, is one of Taiwan's most prominent suppliers of whole-plant equipment for clothes hanger manufacturers. The company has a modern factory in Luchou of Taipei County, northern Taiwan.

At present, the company's wire clothes hanger making machine line includes such major equipment as wire straightening machines, plastic coating machines, cutting machines, wire winding machines, and forming machines. The automatic clothes hanger forming machine is capable of producing 2,700 hangers per hour.

Yi Chang Sheng adopts low-carbon steel (ANSI 1008-ANSI 1010) and low-density polyethylene (LDPE) to roll out automatic clothes hanger forming machines, plastic coating machines, wire cutting machine and wire winding machines. These machines are very cost-effective because of the characteristics of automation, high-volume production and laborsaving.

The company has won good reputations at home and abroad as it has been dedicated to making machines more compact and reliable while keeping their production capacity at high level. (BS)

Yi Chang Sheng Machinery Co., Ltd.

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